piątek, 2 września 2016

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

One more great project from CD Projekt RED, so I'm sooooooo happy and proud that I was a part of it. This time I created not only a concepts, but also full illustrations for some cards! If you like monster deck you can see for example mine version of Wild Hunt Soldier, Frightener, Nithral or even.... pooping Johnny! Of course there's much more, however we have to wait for Beta version of Gwent. (register for it! it's really worthy your time! :) )

And one more news - you can buy exclusive, limited prints from Gwent on Cook&Baker website <CLICK!>
 They're quite expensive, but quality of their prints is just amazing. Also, all prints are signed by artists. So If you want to hang a portrait of Johnny on your bathroom wall, and together make a poop in the moring - I can only kindly recommend you this gallery. :)

Cheers! And see you soon!

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