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sobota, 26 grudnia 2015

Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

"...And yet all of this is nothing before what is to come... It whispers and roars in The Dark, it is against us it is. It is... unstoppable.
The Beasts that will devour the World."

Yeah, it's really serious stuff. Don't mess with that guy. Inspired by this amazing photo of mighty hamster:

It's going to be my art test, If I will be applying to Games Workshop. Yep, definitely.


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czwartek, 24 września 2015

Sketches from Portugal

Few sketches witch I made during my holidays in Portugal. What can I say?... Oh, Lisbon.. my heart is your.

And that's me personaly, being amazed by Lisbon Cathedral.


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Nilfgaard Horse Armor

Yeah, I had great opportunity to design armor forone of the most famous horse in the world - Geralt's Roach ;) 

..aaaand how amazing it looks on model :D


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Rider of Anger

Born in Winter.

"One day you'll walk the world and keep in mind
The heart you've been given in winter time
And through the bitter cold, with opened eyes
You'll find the strength to fight and stand upright"


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My Little Pony

My little pony is sleeping now, please be quiet... (just want to study something "meaty" before some upcoming project).


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Dzienniki Paladyńskie // The Palladin Diaries
Jan.-Feb.Worms, worms were everywhere.

God Left Us for Black-Dressed Woman