poniedziałek, 24 lutego 2014

Rider of Hatred

"When it sleeps, it’s never eternal rest.
And sleeplessness won’t sap its strength; it feeds it.
One religion or another-
whatever gets it ready, in position.
One fatherland or another-
whatever helps it get a running start.
Justice also works well at the outset
until hate gets its own momentum going.
Hatred. Hatred."

I think it's finished (or i'm just tired with this one).
Good Night!

sobota, 8 lutego 2014


Sorry for longer absence, I was overload with work, study stuff and my last sickness. Nothing interesting to say, duh... Today I had some time for my first speedpaint since last month.

 I also made few very quick concepts for my boyfriend's project - some futuristic rifles based on Heckler&Koch design.

 Oh, and finally I hang my paintings from previous year. Yeah, acril on canvas, various sizes. Untilted or "Transcendence overload" if you prefer.