niedziela, 14 grudnia 2014

Gold Swarm

Speed, I didn't count time...  doesn't matter. I have some idea to develope with that sketch and i just can't wait for some more free time to finish it.


poniedziałek, 1 grudnia 2014

środa, 13 sierpnia 2014

The Witcher 3 - stuff!

Do you remember this post? Here it is my concept for that location. :)

You can also see more screenshots released on gamescone2014 -> click! and I can proudly say - I did this lovely tapestry from screenshot below :)


czwartek, 17 lipca 2014

Bird Rider

Today topic from Daily Spitpaint group on FB, unfortunately I exceed the time limit with few minutes. Still, I hope you'll like it :)


środa, 11 czerwca 2014

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Trailer

Probably everybody's already seen this but I'm so proud to be part of CD Projekt RED (and watch enviro based on my concept, yay!). Damn, I can't wait to show you something more :)


niedziela, 13 kwietnia 2014


All I need now is a free week in Hungary, in Eger's Valley of the Beautiful Woman with sweet wine, great company and blossoming lilacs around... <sigh>


niedziela, 30 marca 2014

Winter Soldier

Spring is already here, but as a child born in a first day of winter I always have special place in my heart for coldness, snow, ice and blizzard.


sobota, 15 marca 2014

Shadow knight

Today speedpaint. I'm not impressed.

"There's something really pretty going on with me
I dream about blizzard
I dream about frost
Through united states of fear
Vehicle with death is pulling me
I dream about blizzard
I dream about frost
I dream about blizzard
I dream about frost
I dream about blizzard and frost"
-"Pibloktoq" Maria Peszek


poniedziałek, 24 lutego 2014

Rider of Hatred

"When it sleeps, it’s never eternal rest.
And sleeplessness won’t sap its strength; it feeds it.
One religion or another-
whatever gets it ready, in position.
One fatherland or another-
whatever helps it get a running start.
Justice also works well at the outset
until hate gets its own momentum going.
Hatred. Hatred."

I think it's finished (or i'm just tired with this one).
Good Night!

sobota, 8 lutego 2014


Sorry for longer absence, I was overload with work, study stuff and my last sickness. Nothing interesting to say, duh... Today I had some time for my first speedpaint since last month.

 I also made few very quick concepts for my boyfriend's project - some futuristic rifles based on Heckler&Koch design.

 Oh, and finally I hang my paintings from previous year. Yeah, acril on canvas, various sizes. Untilted or "Transcendence overload" if you prefer.


czwartek, 9 stycznia 2014

sobota, 4 stycznia 2014

Cyborg Swordsman

I totally fall in love with the absolutely fantastic and kick-assing character collection created by Dave Rapoza: CLICK! It reminds me the best cyberpunk titles like Ghost in the Shell, Akira, Neuromancer, Blame and so on, so on. So when I saw the cyborg swordsman topic on speedpaint group I decided to sketch something in similiar style.

I exceed time limit however I left it "half-baked" as an excersise. Obviously, is not so good as Dave Rapoza's artworks but still I had a great fun with this one.


czwartek, 2 stycznia 2014

Lady Shrike

...aka Lady of the Thorns. Adorable bird with lovely impaling behaviour.

I really admire those birds. They're not so proud like eagles, either not so grim like crows, or predatory like falcons. But still they're very unique, fascinating and... disturbing. My favourite personal RPG character has the same name - Shrike. Everybody can easly imagine her personality, it's very narrative "nickname". Definitely I have to draw her some day.