sobota, 23 listopada 2013


Some lazy kitty is going to lose his lunch.

Daily speedpaint, 30 minutes ( right here) + few minutes for shadows, color correction and few details. I really enjoy working with more colors in my palette... or maybe it's just awfull weather outside.


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Usually I use hard brushes and generally prefer paintings made with visible thick strokes rather than spick and span pics with soft shading. Also when I have to do "analog" painting on canvas I always choose acrils. I like how fast they become dry so I'm able to make new clear layers which don't mix with each other like oils do.

However I must admit that I totally fall in love with THIS GALLERY so I decided to practice "smooth painting" with one soft brush. Here's a result:

I know it's not the best painting in the world but well... I didn't know that I can achive some effects so fast and easy.  In other words - after few years of digital painting I discovered how to use soft brushes :P And moreover... I have so much fun with it. Yeah, that's shocking. It's my STURM! blog not a "smooth&gentle&fancy dancing in the rain". Well, time to take care of my delicate, romantic side.... damn! 


sobota, 16 listopada 2013

Wild Boar

30 miutes + 2-3 minutes for color correction.

I'm satisfied with boar's body, however background is too "random" for me. Keep in mind: draw more enviro, you lazy bastard!

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niedziela, 10 listopada 2013

King Slayer

Next speedpaint. Have no idea how much time I spend on it, I was watching a film in same time :P

Maybe not very original but I like it and I'll finish that sketch in free time...


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