poniedziałek, 28 października 2013


"The role of a Concept Artist is the role of an explorer, tasked with charting a world without sunlight. (...)
You start off with your reference and research. These are well established base camps. They’re well lit, highly populated and safe. The better your reference the better your bearings will be. The artist’s job is to start at base camp with a bag of torches and run furiously out into the darkness. Every doodle, sketch, painting and storyboard is a torch lit somewhere out in the black."

-Matt Rhodes, Concept art behind scenes 

Horrors of war.

I always remind myself this quote when I can't find "the right path" during my concept work. It's all about exploring new and mysterious land, and it's only depends on you how much it'll be fascinating.

I can feel that I'm really close to find satisfying results during my work on Sven and Martin animation concept. I'm looking at today sketch and now I know - here's my new base camp. I also know that's not the final stage but I'm not afraid. Moreover!.. come at me darkness! I'm ready for an adventure!


sobota, 26 października 2013

Daily Speed

I really like idea of the Daily Speedpaint group. +10 to motiviation to make awesome things. 30 minutes for each speed is a gret challenge - mine gryphon rider took me about 36 minuts. Here you have a little bit improved version:


Happy Birthday Geralt!

That's why I love my job in CDP RED :)
Cupcakes made by Cupcake Corner


środa, 23 października 2013

Drawing nazis and stuff

First something normal:

"And now for something completely different".... ;)
Or maybe not at all... I'm still drawing nazis and stuff. It's really nice feeling when you can draw lasers, shit and explosions and still you can call it your work. Or bechalor animation. So much win.


poniedziałek, 21 października 2013

Great Reason

Almost one week absence but not without any reason. This reason has four legs, tail, wet nose and beautiful brown eyes. Her name is Kara, gentle lady from animal shelter. :)


Meanwhile I was working on script for my animation so I had time only for few very fast (and mostly crappy) sketches. Of course, the are related to animation so here they are - more Sven and Martin scraps.


piątek, 11 października 2013


Yesterday you met Martin, this evening is time for Sven. Martin's best friend, also my imaginary friend and ruthless Wehrmacht soldier. Of course, he's going to take his place in  my animation too.

He's not the most social guy on the world, so please pardon him his grumbling.


środa, 9 października 2013

Hallo, Martin!

Let me introduce you to Martin - one of my imaginary friends, and probably a character for my short animation.

 Martin said gute Nacht! Cute guy, isn't he?

piątek, 4 października 2013


From today I have a "ban" for any animation and storytelling workshop from my professor - supposedly my brain is overload with information, theories and my messy cogitations. And to be honest I can't totally deny it. Still I don't know what I want to do for my bachelor animation, even though I have few quite nice ideas. It's going to be a really funny academical year...
Anatomy study